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Provide Green Thermal Lamination Film Products

BOPP, PET, nylon film, functional film…

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Anti-scuff AT Thermal Film

Scratch Resistant AT Precoat is a matte BOPP film with an excellent scratch resistant surface. Its scratch resistance is three times that of ordinary matte BOPP film, and the uniform color can give the printed matter a beautiful and elegant appearance, while retaining the original color of the image.

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About Us

KDX was established in August 2001 as a polymer material technology enterprise. In the past two decades, as an industry leader, KDX has filled a number of domestic gaps in the two major domestic pre-coating film and optical film industries, successfully realized product import substitution, and moved to the forefront of the industry, becoming the leading domestic polymer film material technology. and industry platform.

At present, the company mainly includes five business segments: display materials, electronic materials, heat insulation and protection materials, extrusion materials and packaging and printing materials. The company's products have been widely used in consumer electronics such as screen display and communication equipment, automotive and architectural glass, home appliance home decoration and various product packaging and other downstream industries.

Kangdexin will continue to integrate resources and build a leading advanced polymer membrane material industry platform...more>>

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