KDX has 6 core technologies and all its own intellectual property rights, nearly 100 technical patents, and has passed a number of
International testing and certification, is the main drafting unit of the national green printing industry standards.

The company has formed a cross-regional, whole-industry chain, and intensive operation, which can provide customers with a complete set of green lamination solutions. Pre-coated film products are sold to more than 80 countries and regions around the world.

Its pre-coating film products include general-purpose and functional pre-coating films, covering BOPP, PET, Nylon,
There are 4 series including functional films and more than 100 kinds of environment-friendly pre-coated film products.

Universal Precoat Film:
Including more than 60 varieties of BOPP glossy/matt film, color pre-coating film, PET glossy/matt film, etc., which are widely used in printing and packaging lamination.

Functional pre-coating film:
It has a variety of functional films such as flexible surface, card card, scratch resistance, tackifying, digital, metal wire drawing, metal flash, frosted, colorful cloud, etc., which can meet the special lamination needs in the printing and packaging process. Different functional films have different effects and textures, and can be used for high-end packaging such as special packaging, digital printing, and high-end gift boxes.

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