Product Description
The Anti-scuff AT Matte BOPP thermal film (Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene) is a super anti scuff BOPP based product with an excellent matte surface and a hot melt adhesive layer by extrusion coating, both sides are corona treatment. The matte finish creates a luxurious appearance to attract the buyers’ attention and increase the perceived value of the product.

The product has excellent resistance to tear & elongation, primarily used in the printing industry. The film accepts UV spot varnishing, foil stamping as well as screen printing.

Superior scratch-resistant matte finish
The anti-scratch performance is four times that of the ordinary matte anti-scratch BOPP film, which can meet the requirements of the post-lamination process and the client's use of anti-scratch and wear resistance.

Different gloss levels can be choose(3-10GU with 60° gloss meter)
The appearance effects such as gloss can be customized, the color is uniform and delicate, and glare is minimized.

There is no need to use solvents, no peculiar smell, no VOC residues, the pollution of the environment and the harm to the human body caused by the volatilization of toxic gases are eliminated, and the fire hazards caused by the use and storage of flammable solvents are completely eradicated.

Accepts UV spot varnishing, foil stamping
Surface UV glazing, bronzing, screen printing, etc. have good performance.

Book cover
Such as: books and magazines, textbooks, postal albums, portable paper bags, maps, various promotional materials, etc.

Such as: premium wine boxes, cosmetic boxes, medicine boxes, food boxes, gift boxes

Advertising paper
Such as: advertising paper, exhibition boards, drawings, documents, photos, etc.

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