Product Description
This product is a special coated matt film with a velvety and silky soft touch coating. This gentle touch still provides an excellent scratch-resistant surface, and its uniform color gives your prints a graceful and elegant finish while maintaining the color of your image.

The matte finish creates a luxurious look that attracts the buyer's attention. Increase the perceived value of the product. The surface of this product can be printed, UV, and hot stamped. It has excellent tear resistance and scratch resistance. It is mainly used in the field of post-press lamination.

There is no need to use solvents, no peculiar smell, no VOC residues, the pollution of the environment and the harm to the human body caused by the volatilization of toxic gases are eliminated, and the fire hazards caused by the use and storage of flammable solvents are completely eradicated.

Excellent performance
Greatly improve the color saturation and brightness of printed matter, strong cohesive force, strong ability to absorb powder, and strong ability to modify the printed matter sprayed with powder, without manual powder removal. Effectively prevent the printed matter from blistering and stripping after die-cutting and embossing.

Energy efficient
When laminating, glue adjustment, gluing, heating, drying and other procedures are omitted, which improves efficiency and reduces costs

Book cover
Such as: books and magazines, textbooks, postal albums, portable paper bags, maps, various promotional materials, etc.

Such as: premium wine boxes, cosmetic boxes, medicine boxes, food boxes, gift boxes

Advertising paper
Such as: advertising paper, exhibition boards, drawings, documents, photos, etc.

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