KDX ReadyLam series laminating film is a composite film product used in the field of flexible packaging. Which is composed of substrate layer, thermal activated layer, optional with barrier protective layer and heat sealing layer, and produced by extrusion lamination or coextrusion technology etc. This series of composite films is suitable for digital printing such as HP, XEIKON, etc., which makes the printing and laminating work fast to market.

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent bonding
    The thermal active polymer is uniquely designed for improving the bonding strength with digital printing jobs.
  • Eco-Safe
    No need of mixing and coating the glue as the normal laminating. The product is non-toxic and environmental- friendly.
  • Fastest time to market
    No need of drying and curing after laminating, zero cure time to bring flexible packaging products to market, and meeting the needs of rapid market response.
  • Cost Reduction
    Simplify the laminating process, save the labor, energy and greatly reduce the supply circle no matter the quantity large or little.

KDX ReadyLam series laminating film, combined with printed film to form a multilayer structure, it applies to bakery, confectionery, chocolate, biscuits, cookie, crisps and snacks, pet food, household and detergents, etc.

Sealable BOPP ReadyLam Laminating Film, Sealable Metalized BOPP ReadyLam Laminating Film, BOPET ReadyLam Laminating Film, Metalized BOPET ReadyLam Laminating Film, Metalized BOPET Composites PE ReadyLam Laminating Film, BOPET Matt ReadyLam Laminating Film, BOPET Silky ReadyLam Laminating Film, BOPP Silky ReadyLam Laminating Film

Processing Parameter:
Laminating equipment: Thermal laminating machine
Pressure: 8-18MPa
Temperature: 90-130°C
Speed: 10-70m/min
(Adjust the processing parameter according to the production job requirement)

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