Laminating equipment
KMM-1050D/1250D  KMM-1050/1220D

KMM-1050/1220D high-speed laminating machine has the characteristics of multi-function, high efficiency and leading technology. Its speed can reach up to 90 meters per minute, which is very suitable for large-scale industrial lamination production, and is suitable for OPP, PET, nylon and other lamination materials and processes.

main feature

1. The appearance of the equipment adopts the spraying process, the vision is more beautiful, and the performance is more stable

2. The paper feeder adopts Feida pneumatic feeding to ensure high-speed and smooth feeding.

3. The equipment adopts servo edge, which has high precision and is more stable

4. The hot pressing roller adopts electromagnetic heating system, the temperature is uniform, and the high quality requirements of lamination are met.

5. The electrical appliance adopts Omron centralized control system, which is highly safe

6. The membrane changing lifting mechanism is convenient and quick to change the membrane, and can be operated independently by one person

7. The paper cutter is equipped with a hot melt knife system to meet various lamination and paper breaking needs

8. The paper cutting mechanism is equipped with a tension control system

9. The host can adjust the contact surface between the film and the heating roller at different speeds as needed

10. More humanized design, easy to operate

Lamination host:In front of the main roller, there is a safety protection device to prevent sundries from falling into the pressing roller mechanism. The high-precision intelligent constant temperature roller ensures that the temperature difference of the roller surface does not exceed 1°C under high-speed operation, and the multi-stage heating is intelligent and energy-saving.

Oven:The vertical drying oven is equipped with a large-size drying roller and a hot air multiple circulation system to achieve the maximum energy saving model. Compared with the traditional laminator, the unique performance structure of the 30% is unique.

Hot melt knife paper cutter: The slitting machine adopts a variety of slitting structures. The hot melt knife uses high temperature to burn off the paper overlap film. Mainly for PET lamination, local lamination and other processes, the cutting is accurate, and there is no tail film.

Automatic paper feeder:The paper feeder adopts high-speed and silent feeder for offset printing, and cooperates with the pneumatic pull gauge structure of imported printing presses to ensure smooth paper feeding, without paper specification restrictions, and accurate and stable positioning.

Automatic take-up:Paper unloading without stopping, reasonable structure and simple operation. The delivery table has the function of continuous sheet detection and rejection, which effectively assists the neat delivery of paper.

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