Kangdexin electronic packaging film is a film used in the packaging of electronic components. The product is composed of PET film and hot melt adhesive layer. The product series is divided into static dissipative type and conventional type. The static dissipative type product has sufficient and permanent function of dissipating static electricity and is not easy to absorb electronic components. ;Conventional products have flat appearance and excellent mechanical properties, suitable for packaging non-static sensitive electronic devices such as connectors, nickel sheets, crystal oscillators, switches, etc. From low temperature to high temperature, there are corresponding products, and the peeling process is stable and does not jump. It has good applicability to a variety of carrier tape materials (PS, PC, PET), and can meet your packaging needs for various types of electronic components.

Stable quality: the product thickness is uniform, the appearance is smooth, and the cutting yield is high.
Wide range of applications: wide heat-sealing temperature range, smooth peeling, and good applicability to a variety of carrier tape materials (PS, PC, PET).
Stable characteristics: The antistatic performance of static dissipative products is permanent and stable, which is suitable for the packaging of passive components. The high temperature belt can withstand high temperature baking and aging, and the peeling force will not be affected after aging.
Excellent strength: High-strength polyester film is used as the base film, which has excellent mechanical properties and is not prone to the risk of tape breaking and tearing.
Environmental protection and safety: The product does not contain halogen and meets the EU RoHS directive certification standards.

Transmission and transportation of electronic components, IC integrated circuits, semiconductors, etc. Such as: switches, shrapnel structural parts; connectors, oscillators; LEDs; semiconductors, etc.

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