This product is a heat-sealing cover tape that is matched with thin carrier tape materials. It is composed of PET film and hot-melt adhesive layer. It has high quality, no impurities and crystal points on the surface, and strict thickness control. It can be sealed at low temperature and feels smooth when peeled off. , It has good applicability for various carrier tape materials (PS, PC, PET), especially for the packaging of large electronic devices such as connectors.

1. The thickness of the product is uniform, the appearance is flat, and the cutting yield is high.
2. The heat sealing temperature is low, the peeling off is stable, and it has good universality for various carrier materials (PS, PC, PET).
3. The product is suitable for the packaging of larger electronic devices such as connectors, nickel sheets, crystal oscillators, switches, etc.
4. High-strength polyester film is used as the base film, which has excellent mechanical properties and is not prone to the risk of tape breaking and tearing.

Electronic components, such as connectors, nickel sheets, crystal oscillators, switches, shrapnel structural parts and other larger electronic devices are transmitted and transported.

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