On the basis of advanced polymer materials, Kangdexin has built a comprehensive system integrating 3D image research, design, production, marketing and service through industrial extension. It has established experience centers in major cities across the country, with design, output, etc. technology, and established a global industrialization system.

3DImage Ideas:3D image, advertising, commercial application creative design according to customer needs

3DGraphic Design:3D image design, 2D/3D image conversion, 3D image application design

3DImage output:3D image digital printing, printing, printing output

3DImage application:Auto 4S shop, wedding photo studio, commercial advertising, petroleum and petrochemical, printing and packaging, etc., to provide customers with overall solutions for 3D image product application and various customized services

Kangdexin provides high-definition 3D image products, experienced design team and excellent grating diaphragm, allowing users to experience a very comfortable three-dimensional viewing effect.

KDX HD 3D image products are different from ordinary grating films in production process. The grating film used by KDX adopts UV curing molding process, which has the characteristics of high precision, large viewing angle, high efficiency and precision.

Kangde's new 2D conversion 3D image technical team has strong technical ability, large output capacity and good conversion effect; and has a variety of mature outputs in the 3D image industry such as color printing output, laser printing output technology, UV flatbed printing output, and printing output technology. technology

Kangdexin 3D high-definition images are widely used in automobile 4S shops, wedding photo studios, commercial advertising, petroleum and petrochemical, printing and packaging and other industries

3D image production process
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