The 7th All-In-Print Exhibition was successfully concluded, and KDX's new "film" fully demonstrated its power

The 7th All in Print China closed on October 28 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. With the theme of "Opening the Printing Intelligence Era" this year, 1,030 Chinese and foreign exhibitors from 17 countries and regions competed for each other. All kinds of new printing products, new processes and new materials made the visitors enjoy a printing feast. This year's exhibition welcomed 100,933 visitors from home and abroad, and the total number of visitors was 145,811, setting a new record in the history of the All India Exhibition.

During the 5-day exhibition period, the new booth of Kangde was crowded with people. Products such as general-purpose eco-friendly pre-coating films, functional eco-friendly pre-coating films, 3D image products, and smart devices have attracted waves of visitors.

New product release, winning high market recognition

At this exhibition, KDX released a new generation of environmentally friendly anti-scratch matte pre-coating films, digital films and other new products. Once the product was launched, it has won high recognition from agents and customers.

Environmentally friendly anti-scratch matte pre-coating film is one of the high-end products with the highest ubiquity, the fastest growth rate and the best performance in the field of matte BOPP functional pre-coating film. It is mainly used in the fields of printing, packaging and books. This product adds scratch resistance and wear resistance to the advantages of ordinary BOPP matte film, and it is environmentally friendly and has no VOCs residue. It can withstand the damage and impact caused by wear and shock during packaging, printing and transportation, and maintain perfect The appearance of the packaging can attract buyers' attention and improve the perceived value of the product while enhancing the product quality.

Digital pre-coating film is a new lamination product for digital printing, mainly used in the fields of cards, books, photos, packaging and so on. The newly launched digital pre-coating film is upgraded on the basis of the original digital pre-coating film. It is a high-end product among functional pre-coating film products. Among the competing products, it has an absolute advantage in the adhesion and universality of digital proofs, and is widely welcomed by domestic and foreign markets.

Eye-catching products, customer cooperationMany intentions

At the exhibition, Kangdexin's pre-coating products and laminating equipment were widely welcomed by the market. After visiting the booth, an agent from India said, "Seeing that the company is launching new products every year, I am very fortunate that I chose Kangdexin. Next year, we will continue to promote and sell Kangdexin's products. development is full of confidence.”

After visiting the booth, a customer from Mexico was very interested in Kangdexin's pre-coating film products. He expressed his hope to cooperate with Kangdexin for a long time and purchase 200 tons of pre-coating film every year. A customer from Brazil signed an order on site and purchased a KMM-1050D large-scale laminating machine. Several customers from Russia, Poland, the United States and other places also expressed their willingness to buy. In addition, more than 100 cooperation intentions were received at the exhibition site.

Win another award and practice green printing

In the "Great Rejuvenation - The Brilliant Imprint of Printing Industry in the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up" hosted by China Printing Technology Association and undertaken by "China Printing" magazine, the first launch of a large-scale commemorative book and the fifth anniversary of "Green Raw and Auxiliary Materials Product Catalog", Kangdexin was awarded the title of "Continuously Excellent Unit in Quality Management of Green Raw and Auxiliary Materials". This is another honor that Kangdexin has won after the company was rated as "Advanced Unit for Quality Management of Green Raw and Auxiliary Materials" in 2016.

In this exhibition, Kangdexin displayed a rich variety of products, released new products, led the new development of pre-coating materials, consolidated its position in the industry, and gained a lot. In the future, Kangdexin will take advantage of its own technological research and development advantages to focus on the research and development and production of high-end products, and at the same time expand the market share of general-purpose products, so as to contribute to the vigorous development of green printing in China.

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