KDX debuts at PRINT CHINA 2019 and reaches strategic cooperation with Konica Minolta

From April 9th to 13th, the 4th China (Guangdong) International Printing Technology Exhibition (PRINT CHINA 2019) was held in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. KDX debuted with a full range of environmentally friendly pre-coating films, 3D image products and other products1—1201 (joint with Konica Minolta)booth. At this exhibition, KDX's new anti-scratch AT and digital pre-coating films were welcomed by the market. The company also reached a strategic cooperation with Konica Minolta. The two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in the fields of grating materials and pre-coating film materials. . At the same time, Kangdexin also displayed the plastic-plastic composite results in cooperation with the HP Pack Ready project at the HP booth. In the future, Kangdexin will continue to make efforts in the field of plastic-plastic composite.


Anti-scratch AT pre-coating film wins favor

At this exhibition, KDX exhibited a full range of pre-coating films and 3D image products. Since its inception, the booth has been full of popularity. Kangde's new anti-scratch AT pre-coating film has won the favor of many customers.

Anti-scratch AT precoat is a matte BOPP film with an excellent scratch-resistant surface, with four times the scratch resistance of ordinary matt BOPP films. The color of this product is uniform and can make the printed matter present a beautiful and elegant appearance while retaining the original color of the image. At the same time, the product has excellent tear resistance, and the surface can be UV spot varnished, hot stamped and screened. Printing is mainly used in the field of post-press lamination. Using this special anti-scratch matt film can easily upgrade the product grade, can attract the attention of buyers and improve the perceived value of the product.

Cooperate with Kemei and MGI to show their talents with digital film

At the exhibition site, Kangdexin also exhibited the latest generation of digital film, and cooperated with Konica Minolta and MGI on the spot, showing excellent performance. Kang Dexin digital film is used for laminating the printed matter produced by Konica Minolta KM-1 machine, and then it is linked with MGI for post-printing treatment, and the surface of the printed matter is bronzing and UV, and the effect is good. Visitors experienced the entire lamination process on site and had an intuitive understanding of the performance of Kangdexin digital film.


Kangdexin digital pre-coating film is a new lamination product for digital printing products. It is upgraded on the basis of the original digital pre-coating film, which enables the adhesive layer to penetrate into the ink layer on the surface of the printed matter and spread to the paper substrate. It is cross-linked with paper fibers to form a high-strength physical bond, which is widely welcomed by domestic and foreign markets, and has been certified by many companies, leading the industry.

Reached a strategic cooperation with Kemei on digital printing

On the afternoon of April 9, KDX and Konica Minolta held a press conference to announce the official start of cooperation and development. The two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in the fields of grating materials and pre-coating materials. By joining forces, the two parties can provide customers with one-stop digital printing services from materials to equipment and channels. This advantage is particularly prominent in the fields of advertising, cultural and creative products and box customization.

KDX 3D lenticular film is most suitable for the production of packaging products, advertising, 3D paintings and 3D cultural and creative products. By using optical grade PET film material and advanced UV forming technology, Kangde new lenticular film has high optical precision, strong three-dimensional effect and delicate texture, which can be widely used in high-definition 3D images, advertisements, decorative paintings, publishing and printing and packaging fields. Not only can increase the beauty, but also have anti-counterfeiting effect. After this cooperation, Kangdexin will continue to use its own advantages in technology research and development to continuously develop new materials suitable for Konica Minolta equipment through cooperation with Konica Minolta, bringing more value to its users. .

In addition, the two parties will also carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of functional films such as digital pre-coating films. Kangdexin will provide Konica Minolta with more material services, such as digital pre-coating film series, anti-scratch AT digital pre-coating film and soft-touch pre-coating film, etc.

Kang Dexin and Konica Minolta are full of confidence in the future cooperation. The cooperation between the two parties in the digital field is bound to bring more exciting experiences to users and promote the development of digital printing in China.

Cooperation with HP to demonstrate plastic-plastic composite results

At the exhibition, Kangdexin and HP also displayed their plastic-plastic composite results at the HP booth. Since the two parties cooperated on the Pack Ready project in 2016, Kangdexin has developed a series of composite films for the flexible packaging industry.

KDX Litre compound series composite film is a multi-layer structure film formed by combining plastic and other materials with substrates through lamination, extrusion, co-extrusion and other processes. , protective layer coatings, etc. KDX Litre Compound series composite membrane has passed HP certification, and KDX has become a global supplier.

The HP Indigo Pack Ready project is a set of post-press conversion technology solutions developed by HP that add a strong and stable adhesive between the digital print and the PackReady pre-coating film, which can quickly complete the printing and lamination work on demand and speed up the factory. time.

KDX Litre compound series composite film, according to the characteristics of HP Indigo electronic ink, designed a unique heat-activated adhesive layer formula, good penetration to the ink layer, can achieve perfect composite bonding to the printed product, effectively prevent foaming after coating, molding There is no need for drying and curing after compounding with printed products, which can quickly lead flexible packaging products to the market to meet the needs of rapid market response (TTM); simplify the process flow, save labor and energy costs, and greatly shorten the supply cycle , No matter the amount is large or small, it can be selected flexibly; there is no need to mix glue and glue when compounding, the product is solvent-free, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and safety is guaranteed.

KDX Litre compound series of composite films include: BOPP with heat-sealing layer, aluminized BOPP, PET, aluminized PET, aluminized PET with heat-sealing layer, etc. 5 kinds of products. It can be used in the packaging of food and daily necessities, such as puffed food, biscuits, candy, chocolate, coffee, pet food, washing powder, wet wipes, skin care products, etc.

Keynote presentation on the exploration and application of digital printing

On the afternoon of April 8, Yuan Wei, general manager of KDX's Packaging and Printing Materials Business Department, discussed KDX's product exploration in the field of digital printing at the "Smart Printing Future Together" New Era Forum hosted by Konica Minolta. And the app was preached.

Since 2008, Kangdexin has developed four generations of digital film by gradually improving the hot melt adhesive layer. Among them, the fourth-generation digital film is compatible with digital printing machines such as silicone oil, wax powder, and glycerin, and has strong universality. Digital pre-coating film series include: BOPP digital pre-coating film, BOPA digital pre-coating film, BOPP digital anti-scratch AT pre-coating film, BOPP soft surface digital pre-coating film, BOPET digital pre-coating film, etc.

Kangdexin digital pre-coating film has won wide recognition in the market for its good performance, and has been certified by many companies. In the future, Kangdexin will continue to increase research and development efforts, keep up with market demand, and provide customers with more high-quality products and services.

At this exhibition, Kangdexin displayed a wide range of pre-coating film products, and launched new products such as anti-scratch AT, digital pre-coating film, and Litho-coated composite film, leading the new development of pre-coating materials. At the same time, it has reached strategic cooperation with several famous enterprises in the printing industry at home and abroad, such as Konica Minolta, MGI and HP. In the future, Kangdexin will make use of its strong technical research and development advantages and strong manufacturing strength to provide the market with more and better products and services, and contribute to the vigorous development of green printing in China.

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